PhD research focus on Infrastructure and Green Cities

The MIGC specialization provides hands-on knowledge and expertise on how local governments can most efficiently provide, manage, finance and operate municipal infrastructure assets to deliver desired levels of service to help cities become greener.

The specialization is anchored on our Green City concept, which provides a framework to help cities become greener, more sustainable, livable, healthier and competitive. The green city concept sees the city broadly composed of three elements: the built environment (man-made physical structure also called here infrastructure), nature and the anthropogenic (citizens). Decisions on infrastructure influence the other two elements and will affect the city green performance, livability and sustainability.

Overall research field

Research within the specialization covers issues related to water, sanitation, energy, and transport service delivery, and their relations with our green city conceptual framework, city livability and sustainability.

The specialization is especially interested in conducting research on the topics showed below. Other topics can also be accepted if approved by the coordinators of the specialization and the thesis supervisor.

Some recommended examples of research

1-Influence of operation and maintenance of infrastructure in delivering good quality service

2-Impacts of infrastructure governance in delivering good quality service and on local development

3-Influence of green infrastructure on the urban green spaces (UGS), especially involving the quantification of special ecosystem services (ES) of selected types of urban green space (UGS) using high-resolution data

4-Influence of energy efficiency and renewable energy on improving city livability and green city performance

5-Influence of energy efficiency and renewable energy on the circular economy of the building sector

6-Influence of accessibility (connectivity), green fuels (electric autos) and intelligent transport modes on green city performance

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