Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that we do not request our candidates any payment in advance for awarding a full Dutch scholarship. No full-scholarship recipients will be asked for visa expense payments. Please email us at if you have any doubts about emails you have received on our behalf. All IHS emails, including those of staff are official emails that follow the structure name[at]ihs[dot]nl.

COVID-19 related questions and updates

  • At this moment in time we are still expecting the programme to start as scheduled (28 September 2020). We’re happy to share that Erasmus University Rotterdam is working towards slowly re-opening campus starting from 15 June.

  • It is expected that small group activities (e.g. tutorials) will be taking place on campus from September. This means we will be providing a form of hybrid education in the first semester, as much as possible on-campus and partly online (for large group lectures).

    IHS is committed to ensuring our students are following their education in the format they feel most comfortable or productive. Therefore, additional options for physical teaching, including capped-registration for physical whole-class lectures, are also being considered.

  • No. As you may already know your admission to the MSc in Urban Management and Development is specialisation track specific. Every track is designed with a maximum capacity to guarantee a high level of student-teacher interaction. We are happy this structure will not be disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis as its small-scale groups will allow us to continue to host these course activities on-campus. Depending on the classroom size, large group course activities such as whole-class lectures will be delivered online in-line with government advice to observe 1.5 m distance and other safety measures.

    IHS is committed to ensuring our students are following their education in the format they feel most comfortable or productive. Therefore, additional options for physical teaching, including capped-registration for physical whole-class lectures, are also being considered.

  • Several minor adaptations were made to deadlines and procedures with the aim to provide more flexibility for candidates:

    • An additional Early Bird tuition payment deadline, which entitles candidates to €1000 tuition fee waiver was introduced: 15 June. Candidates are welcome make use of either deadline: 1 June – original deadline or 15 June – extended deadline. The remainder of the costs (e.g. living cost, insurance, etc.), should those apply to you, can be transferred by 1 August.
    • The regular tuition payment deadline remains 15 July. Same rule applies for the remainder of the costs as described above.
    • The deadline for submitting your final English language test results has been extended till 1 August. IHS accepts the TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition English language exam.
    • We’ve introduced a risk-free cancellation policy: Deadline 1 August (see item “Can I cancel my enrolment if I change my mind?”
  • IHS understands that making a commitment to study abroad is a big decision, especially in these trying times. Because of this, we have waived any cancellation costs for this year. Students will receive a full refund should they decide to cancel their enrolment by 1 August.

  • Due to the current situation, many students who are finishing their current study programme are unable to secure their degree copies. If you are struggling to secure your final transcripts or degree copies please contact the Admission Office directly (

  • Erasmus University and IHS will continue to follow the Dutch Government advice offered by the RIVM to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 1.5 m distance and all other required government measures for public safety will be implemented across the campus. More updates can be found here:

    •             EUR FAQ

    •             RIVM FAQ (in English)

  • Our staff is working hard to ensure that the interactive nature of the programme is preserved in its online version as well. We too consider our practical methodologies an extremely important part of the programme and we will, therefore, do our utmost to ensure that they remain part of the teaching methods.

  • IHS is now accepting the TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition as a proof of English language proficiency. In case your appointment has been postponed or you aren't able to take the test in the testing center, you can sign up for the online version of the exam as long as you meet the required criteria. 

    Please note that you can always submit your online application without the proof of English language proficiency. In the application form, you can indicate the date of your English test. We will then process your application accordingly and you can send us the results upon receiving them. 

  • In order to ensure the quality and interactivity of classes in the online version of the programme and an overall optimum student experience under the COVID-19 circumstances, a reduction of the fee would not be a viable option. Students are still welcome to make use of the Early Bird tuition waiver of €1000. Candidates who submit their tuition fee before 1 June are eligible for the waiver.

  • You will be fully refunded if one of the following situations apply to you:

    1. You cannot participate in the programme due to the travel restrictions which are still being implemented in September. 

    2. Your health condition does not allow you to travel

    3. The programme has been cancelled (which is very unlikely to happen)

  • We usually start the visa applications for our participants as from 1 August. Thus, as long as you have all the required documents ready before 1 August, your visa application will not be affected. Should there be any changes, we will keep you well informed. 

    • Following the RIVM advice, our buildings are currently closed until 6 April. However, IHS staff is working remotely following our standard working ours (9:00 -17:00) and we are available for your questions via email. Your questions and applications will be answered and processed without any delays.  
  • Please send us an email to about your questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within a working day. If necessary we can also call you back for further assistance.

For Prospective Students 

  • IHS does not offer any scholarships, however you are more than welcome
    to apply for fellowships by other funding bodies for which the IHS programmes
    are eligible for. You will find a non-exhaustive list on our website.

  • The MSc degree is issued by Erasmus University Rotterdam and accredited by the Netherlands-
    Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO).

    The programme is also an officially recognised Master of
    Science degree accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Education. The Dutch Ministry of
    Education accredits the course as an academic master programme based on assessment
    by Quality Assurance of Netherlands Universities (QANU).

  • IHS does not have any open days, but you can come and visit us.
    We will give you a tour and introduce you to our academic staff and students. Depending
    on the date you could even attend a lecture.

    Please email to book an appointment.

  • If you wish to know more about IHS’ work and activities, contact current students,
    alumni and other professionals, get connected with IHS on Facebook.
    To meet fellow prospective students on Facebook, please visit our Student page.
    You can also asked to be connected with one of our student representatives for more
    specific questions. Send us an email at and we will put you in touch.

For Applicants 

  • You can apply for as many scholarships as you wish, but please note that some scholarship programmes specify that candidates can only submit one application per deadline. This means that applicants should not submit several applications to one scholarship for different academic programmes. Please contact the scholarship that you wish to apply for to see the specific rules and requirements.  

  • In the unfortunate case that your application to IHS was not successful, you cannot apply to the same course in the same academic year.

    Academic Selection Committee advises you to better your application to meet IHS’ requirements.
    You are then welcome to apply for the next year’s intake.

  • The usual time for assessment is four weeks when the applications for the course are open. Please check that your academic course is open for applications before your apply.

    Assessment may take longer at certain
    times of the year (summer and winter vacations, before deadlines…) or if your application
    is incomplete. You will get an email with the necessary information once you have
    successfully submitted your online application.

  • We usually recommend attaching two reference letters to your application, an academic
    and a professional one. We do not provide templates for the reference letters. We
    recommend uploading all your documents at the same time, however if one of your
    referees wishes they can send their letter to 

  • You will get an auto-generated email after submitting your online application.

  • For our masters course your motivation essay should follow the template provided. You can download the template here. Your sources should be
    referenced and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • Applying to IHS is free and no registration fees apply.

  • You can submit your application if you are missing a document, but in certain fields you will need to upload something in order to move onto the next section.

    Our Academic Selection Committee will contact you if we see that your application is missing something so that we can fully assess your application.

  • You can submit your application without the proof of English language proficiency.
    Please indicate the date on which you will take you English test while submitting your
    application. Our Academic Selection Committee will send you an email, please answer
    to this email by sending your test results once you have received them. Please note that the deadline for sending us you results is 1 August.

  • IHS does not offer any English classes it is up to you to get the required level of English.

  • You can check IHS’ requirements on this page. More specific information on our Master programme requirements can be found here by choosing the Master track you are most interested in.

For Admitted Students

  • Fieldwork is an important part of the master programme. Should you choose to complete your fieldwork outside the Netherlands, you are required to cover the additional costs such as travel and accommodation.

  • You can view the details of your insurance policy here. IHS can apply for your insurance on your behalf, the costs for the insurance are EUR 480 per year. Your insurance is valid during the period of the Master course plus a week before and after it.

  • For UMD and PhD students staying more than 90 days in the Netherlands the IHS Educational Management Office will help you with your visa arrangements. We start the visa procedure on 1 August although we will collect documents from you beforehand.  

    Applying for your visa will take a couple of weeks. Therefore, in case IHS is not arranging your flight, we advise you to book a flight after the 15th of September.

  • For master's students, you will receive a one year residency permit, which usually begins three weeks before the start of the course.

  • As you will be coming to IHS with a student visa and a specific Dutch residency permit,
    it is only allowed to work 10 hours per week while studying. However we do not recommend it as
    the programme is very intensive.

  • Your family can accompany you to the Netherlands but you will have to make all of the
    arrangements (visa, accomodation...) yourself. IHS is only responsible for the students
    enrolled in a course.

  • To complete your payment you will first need to fill in an Admission Acceptance Form
    (AAF). If you did not receive it with your admission letter, you can request one at According to your AAF we will ask our finance department to issue
    an invoice and communicate our banking details to facilitate the payment.

  • The AAF is the first step towards accepting your place on an IHS programme. When you
    return your AAF you indicate your interest in the programme. You can send back your
    AAF and request an invoice later, once you know more about fellowship outcomes.

  • If you are planning to study for our masters course you may be eligible for our early bird discount. To get the early bird discount (€1000), you need to transfer the tuition fees before 1 June. If you make the payment before the deadline, you can deduct €1000 from your

    Please note if you are planning to get the early bird discount we recommend that you submit your application before 15 April so we can receive and review your application in time.

  • For our masters course:

    1 June – Early bird deadline (€1000 discount)
    15 July – Deadline for the transfer of the tuition fees in order to secure your place in the
    programme. Please note that the UMD MSc programme is very popular and that we
    cannot guarantee your spot in the programme until you have transfered the tuition fees.
    1 August – Deadline for the transfer of the rest of fees in order to be able to proceed
    with visa application and other arrangements.

    For our post-graduate diploma courses you will need to submit your payment 6 weeks before the start of the course if you require a visa.

  • As part of your visa requirements IHS should guarantee you decent living conditions throughout your stay in the Netherlands. To make sure of this, you will need to transfer the totality of the living costs to IHS and they will be entirely given back to you monthly.

    This amount will be 900 euros per month for the year.  

  • At the moment, the only way to pay your fees to IHS is via bank transfer. All the information
    you need to make the transfer will be on the invoice.

  • For students whom received a full scholarship for their studies at IHS, it can be required
    that IHS provides you with accommodation (depending on the contract between IHS
    and the scholarship provider).
    For self-paying students, IHS will provide you with housing information and try to help
    you find a room in the Netherlands.

  • For the post-graduate courses (less than 90 days in the Netherlands), students have to
    apply for a visa on their own but we will provide an invitation letter to support your visa
    For UMD and PhD students staying more than 90 days in the Netherlands, the IHS
    Educational Management Office will contact you and help with your visa arrangements.
    Please do not start this procedure on your own.

  • You should have an international health insurance which covers your studies in the
    Netherlands. We advise you to consult your insurance provider to make sure that your
    current one is eligible for your stay in the Netherlands. If your current insurance is
    indeed valid, you will be asked to submit it for your visa application.

  • If you are not able to join the course for which you were admitted, you can ask our admission
    office for a deferral to the next year’s course. To defer your admission, send an
    email to before 15 August.
    If you are hoping to join IHS however are unable to join us in the following academic
    year then we will not be able to consider you for deferral or honor your previous offer
    of acceptance. Students who wish to join us more than one academic year from their
    original application will be required to submit a fresh application when that admission
    period opens.

  • If you have deferred your application from the previous year, your previous admission letter will not be eligible for a new scholarships application. You will need to request a new letter from our admissions team.

  • MSc UMD (before August 1st): €450
    MSc UMD (after August 1st): €900
    Post-Graduate Diploma Course (more than 1 month prior to starting date): €100
    Post-Graduate Diploma Course (less than 1 month prior to starting date): €250

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