PhD research focus in UESC

PhD research focus in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change


The Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change (UESC) specialisation investigates the most recent trends, developments and challenges related to green and low carbon growth, climate resilience and ecosystems services in contemporary cities.

Overall research field

Among others, our research interests focus on the relationship between different urban designs and environmental impacts, urban governance arrangements for climate change adaptation, multiple level and multi actor governance, sustainability assessment methodologies and climate change and environmental decision making and finance.

Possible topics

Potential research includes, but is not limited to:

  • Urban Structure, Planning and Design:

This is dedicated to the physical level: how we design urban environments at the neighborhood, urban and regional level. It is mostly oriented to the urban structure and morphology and their links with climate change.

  • Urban Governance & Policies: Institutional and Social Dimensions:

This concerns the interaction between a multiplicity of social actors (the state, political parties, civil society organizations) and the decision-making processes involved in planning urban environment and climate change.

  • Assessment, Economics and Finance:

Here we focus on the processes that cities adopt to assess and finance their green growth and low carbon and climate resilience actions, policies and projects and the existing techniques and instruments that can be applied.