City-to-City Learning on Climate Change Policies

Three-part webinar series
Tuesday 16 Apr 2024, 14:00 - 15:30
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Cities within and across national borders are learning with and from each other on a wide range of topics for different purposes and in varying ways. In this webinar series, urban professionals and city representatives will discuss city-to-city learning – or cities learning with and from each other. The webinar is organized in collaboration with UN-Habitat, Vital Cities and Citizens (VCC), Closer Cities, and Justra Cities Network

More about the webinar 

The first part of the webinar series will take place on 16 April, 14:00-15:30 CET, and is specifically designed for city representatives

The panelists will briefly introduce city-to-city learning on climate change policies. After that, city representatives who are or have engaged in city-to-city learning on innovative climate change policies, such as nature-based solutions, will share their experiences. Specifically, they will discuss under which conditions do engagement in city-to-city learning takes place and what are the outcomes of these at the individual and organizational levels – and even beyond. 


Meet the panelists 

Elena Marie Enseñado | Specialist in Nature-based Climate Change Adaptation Planning, IHS

Elena Marie Enseñado is a specialist in Nature-based Climate Change Adaptation planning and is involved in advisory, research, education, and capacity-building activities. Her expertise includes climate change and environmental planning, learning for socio-technical transitions and social-ecological resilience, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions, and participatory tools and methods.

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Alicia Villazán Cabero | Project Manager, Agency for Innovation of the Valladolid City Council

Alicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Master’s degree in Environmental Management in Business, with more than 15 years of experience in project management, focused on sustainability and environment. She is project manager at the Agency for Innovation of the Valladolid City Council. She manages European-funded projects focused on sustainability and the environment, such as nature-based solutions, circular economy and sustainable mobility. She is part of the “Valladolid Mission” team, to achieve the carbon-neutrality of the city by 2030.

Micol Sonnino | Support Coordinator, Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani - Lazio

Micol Sonnino serves as a Support Coordinator at Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani - Lazio (ANCI Lazio) for GenerACTOR, a project co-financed by the EU. This project fosters horizontal cooperation between Italy and Colombia, focusing on urban community agriculture as catalyser of good governance and active citizenship participation. Micol's passion lies in promoting community development and participatory governance models.

Mariem Rekik

Mariem Rekik | UNV – Program assistant, UN-Habitat

Mariem is a recently graduated urban planner and a UN Volunteer (UNV) at the UN-Habitat Tunisia Office. Within the UN-Habitat Tunisia office, Mariem co-manages a project on climate change adaptation in Kerkennah Archipelago and assists the Head of Office with multiple tasks, holding the position of a Programme Manager Assistant. She was an active member of Enactus ISTEUB and is now an alumni, where she served as a project manager for over three years and as a finance manager for one year. Additionally, she participated in multiple international boot camps on climate change and waste management. Alongside a group of female urban planners, Mariem has launched a local initiative called Bin Idina, promoting participatory approach in urban projects, where she holds the position of communications manager.

Share your input

If you are working on climate change issues in your city, take part in this online survey, which aims to examine your experience to better understand the contexts in which this learning occurs, how these processes unfold, what conditions facilitate or hamper these, and what outcomes do this lead to. Fill in the survey here.  

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