Urban Governance

Apply for Master Urban Governance

The application procedure is open. The deadlines are as follows: 

Status applicant

Deadline application

Non-EU / EEA applicants

15th of May 2019

EU/EEA applicants  

15th of June 2019

Please know that the EUR Application Portal (EUR AP) is not available from 13 until 17 June. Submit your request for enrollment via Studielink before 15 June and submit your application in the EUR AP between 17 and 19 June.

Step-by-step application procedure

  1. Register for 'Master in Urban Governance' in Studielink.
    Studielink is the national database for the registration for a study programme in the Netherlands. It is part of the first step of the application procedure. Make sure you choose the right programme (including the language of instruction, if there are several tracks offered, or the resulting degree).

2. After your registration in Studielink: fill out an online application form through EUR Admissions Portal.

  • One of the emails you will receive after registering in Studielink will contain a link with instructions for filling out an online application form (subject of the email: “Follow up to your application…”). In the Admissions Portal, you may also choose the track (if applicable) and upload your documents.
  • In order to start working on your application you will need login information for EUR Admissions Portal, aka ERNA details. This email is sent to you right after registering in Studielink:  this message should be kept as you will need it later on in the application process. Moreover, you need it as a student in order to verify your account, which will be requested. If you will not have received this email (with ERNA details) please explain this in an email to the servicedesk@ict.eur.nl and request that it should be sent to you once more.
  • You can start working on the application, save it, and return to it later.  

Please mind that you will receive a number of automated messages during application. They often get spammed, so be sure to check your spam/ junk mailbox folders.

Required documents

The following documents (in pdf) will be requested from you during the application process.

  1. A scan (photocopy) of the personal data page of your passport/ ID card and (if applicable) residence permit (both sides). The document(s) must be valid*. (This is not mandatory if you hold a Dutch passport or are/ have been a student of a Dutch university).
  2. A scan (photocopy) of your university diploma(-s) ** 
    Please note that if the original documents are in a language other than English, Dutch, French or German you need to provide both the copies of originals as well as official (certified) translations. Self-made translations will not be accepted.
  3. A scan (photocopy) of an official academic transcript(-s) of records, including the reverse side if it contains information. 
    Please note that if the original documents are in a language other than English, Dutch, French or German you need to provide both the copies of originals as well as official (certified) translations. Self-made translations will not be accepted. (The current students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam may upload an unofficial copy of their transcript instead.);
  4. Proof of proficiency in the English language;
  5. Your CV / resume;
  6. Motivation letter/ Statement of purpose (max. 1 A4);
  7. Apart from the above documents that are mandatory in the course of application you may upload additional documents that you think might contribute to your profile (e.g., motivation letter, reference letter etc.).. Make sure you do not overdo with these as their amount might overshadow the essentials.

If you upload a scan of your ID card please note that the information in this card should contain your first name, surname, date of birth, country of birth and nationality, as well as be internationally recognized form of identification. If this is not the case, a scan of your passport is required. Both sides of your ID card needs to be uploaded.

** If you have not yet obtained your bachelor’s/ undergraduate/ pre-master degree, please include an official copy of your academic record(-s) at the moment of application. In case your official transcript does not contain enrolment data (date of enrolment, name of the programme/ degree you are studying for, number of credits obtained/ to be obtained), a statement from your university with the missing information and a date you expect to fulfil all requirements necessary for graduation (most of the time it is a letter from your programme administration) must be provided. The current students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam may upload their student copy of grade list (studievoortgangsoverzicht).

What happens after application?

After you have submitted your application, the process of assessing your application starts. This process consists of several steps, and you might want to know what to prepare for

Application complete?

Within a week’s time after you have submitted the application form (assuming that there are no holidays in between), we will let you know if your application is complete. We will contact you, should we be in need of additional information.


Once your application is complete, you will not be contacted until your application is assessed to determine your eligibility for the programme. The Admissions Board carefully reviews each individual file for admission. You will be contacted as soon as the outcome of the assessment is known. Please note that it might take up to two months starting with the moment that your application is deemed complete.


Due to the many factors involved in the admissions decision-making process, the Admission Board does not elaborate on their motivation for the outcome of the decision. We kindly ask you to respect this. Thank you for your consideration!

Original copies of documents

If you are selected to be admitted to the programme, you will be asked to send the originals of certified copies of your documents per post. Please calculate the time necessary for obtaining such documents and, if applicable, their translations. This might take a while. Read more about sending original copies of your documents on the webpages of admitted students.

Change of contacts

If your personal or contact details (email address, home address etc.) should change please make sure to adjust them in Studielink.

Finalise your admission and enrolment

After we have assessed your application and decided to select you for the programme, the process of completing your admission and enrolment starts. Besides sending the original copies of your documents there are several other matters to consider during this process. For more information about finalising your admission and enrolment visit the pages for admitted students.

    • Most relevant degrees include public administration, public management, public policy, government and political science, and in some cases sociology or spatial planning. If you have a different background, please read our admissions criteria.

    • No, it is not possible to transfer grades or credits obtained at another university
    • No, you cannot. You will need to do the official TOEFL test at a TOEFL-certified institute. In both cases please visit TOEFL.org for more information.

    • Yes, in some cases you might be exempted from presenting proof of English proficiency. Please have a look on the admission page to find out if you are eligible for exemption. Keep in mind that in case you believe that you qualify for exemption you need to present a proof thereof.

    • Our programme is an English-taught programme. All lectures and all literature is in English. This requires from our students that they can read, write, speak and understand English at an academic level and thus we need proof thereof from our applicants. This applies to our Dutch and non-Dutch applicants. 

    • A sworn translator can provide an official translation. Nowadays, most universities provide separate translations or bi-lingual degree certificates and transcripts of records. These documents are regarded as official translations as well.

      Please note: you must send a copy of the documents in the original language along with the translation.   

    • Only if you apply for our Research Master, you are required to submit two reference letters.
      For all other programmes these documents are not mandatory. However, you may include additional documents if you believe this will contribute to your profile.

    • A certified copy is a copy of a filed document, legal or other, which contains a seal that establishes the document is genuine. Thus, it should have a stamp and signature stating that it is a true copy.  Only an officially authorised person can certify a document (for example a notary or a university official).
    • You may submit the proof of English proficiency later, but until then your application will be viewed as "incomplete" and will not be assessed. Please mind that it can take up to a month to receive the results of most English language exams. We therefore strongly advise to schedule the exam well in advance of the application deadlines. You can submit the missing proof of language proficiency no later than the application deadline.

    • If you have not completed your Bachelor's degree yet but expect to do so before mid-August, please upload a most recent copy of your academic record(s) (grade list) to the application and provide a statement of your school with the date you expect to fulfil all requirements necessary for graduation. The statement by your school should include the name of your diploma in the original language and be written in English, German, Dutch or be accompanied by a certified translation in one of these languages.

      Until we have your documents you might receive a conditional offer, which might become unconditional if we receive the missing documents (diploma and final transcript of academic record(s)) before the beginning of the academic year. 

    • The application for the academic year starting in September opens as of October of the previous calendar year.

    • No, work experience cannot be used to compensate for the missing admission requirements. 

    • Please know that we receive more applications than we have places available. Therefore, all applications are subject to our selection process and every application is assessed against the pool of applicants. Based on the documents in your application, the Admission Board decides if you are a good match for our programme. Admission is therefore not guaranteed. After the Admission Board has assessed your application, you can be accepted, denied or placed on the waiting list.

    • An interview is not a part of our standard admissions process. 

      • Please read more on the procedure after application on the application page.