Career Days at IHS

Exploring opportunities for professional growth
Career days event

Hosted on March 7th and 8th, 2024, at IHS, the Career Days was an event full of activities and knowledge exchange. Designed for students to gain essential skills and insights into their professional journey, the event brought together a diverse group of speakers, alumni, and industry professionals.

Alumni keynote speeches

IHS Alumna Makensie Marten set the tone for the first day of the Career Days event, delivering a keynote speech and offering our students valuable insights into her post-IHS journey in the Netherlands. Following Makenzie's keynote speech, fellow alumni from the Netherlands, Soumya Sood, Katia Zahwi, and Danilo Cancado, shared their experiences of their professional endeavors and challenges they encountered along the way post-graduation.

Interactive workshops

Following the keynote speeches, students engaged in interactive sessions covering various aspects of career development. These included a workshop on Effective Job Strategies by the EUR Career Centre and another session titled "All about getting hired: a backstage pass to recruitment" by IHS HR Manager Frédérique van 't Groenewout-Beerden and Steef Arends, Corporate Recruiter for EUR. Students also had the chance to explore personal branding through a workshop by Stefana Cozan, Senior Marketing & Communications Officer. These workshops provided useful insights into navigating the job market and understanding recruitment processes, tailored specifically to the context of the Netherlands. 

"I think it was an effective day, thank you so much for the management efforts."

The second day continued with more workshops

During the second day of the event, students explored key topics related to their future careers. The day started with a presentation on Visa essentials provided by the Dutch Immigration Office, IND. The following session looked at Academia as a career choice, where IHS Academic Director Lasse Gerrits moderated a panel discussion with IHS PhD students Min Cai and Mario E. Villalba Ferreira and Sana Lateef from TU Delft. The program continued with a workshop on the importance of networking and LinkedIn within the Dutch job market. The students also had the chance to receive guidance on their LinkedIn profiles.

"The workshop was very helpful to international students like myself and served as an eye opener."

The second day concluded with an exciting highlight: the Alumni Speed Dating session! Students had the opportunity to connect with former IHS graduates and gain advice and insights into different career paths and possibilities post-graduation. The participating IHS alumni work at Tesla, Huasipichanga, COUNT Energy Trading, BYCS, and Deloitte, amongst others.

Thank you for organizing this for us! It was nice to do a mixer with alumni after getting to know a few of them throughout the day."

Our students' active engagement and proactive approach made this event a great success! Stay tuned for more updates and events as we continue to support our students on their professional journey.

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