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In a world where many urban initiatives lack visibility, the Closer Cities platform seeks to accelerate their impact by providing the infrastructure for their showcase and scientific analysis. The focus of the platform is twofold: it encompasses and connects both urban practice and urban science. On the one hand, it showcases urban projects and initiatives worldwide as case studies, and, on the other hand, it provides a research component with scientific reflections, interviews, articles and other content aimed at understanding the mechanics of optimal urban knowledge sharing. Ultimately, the purpose of the platform is to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning, to solve urban challenges globally.

How does it work?

Closer Cities aims to create a bridge between urban science and urban practice. Urban actors share their projects and their lessons to the platform as "cases". Scientists from various universities study these cases, and they determine how to optimize the transfer of urban knowledge. Ultimately, this leads to increased interconnectedness and sharing of know-how, which can better equip urban actors to address challenges in cities. 

You too can be a part of this movement!

As a founding partner, IHS is very keen on taking our mission of making cities work further through the Closer Cities platform. We understand that collective learning happens through participation and large-scale collaboration. At the same time, we are aware of the many existing initiatives within the global IHS alumni community and we want to encourage city changers to showcase their work and contribute to better cities. Here's your chance to contribute!

Do you have a project or initiative that you believe in and would like to share with the world? 

Join the Solving Urban Challenges Together campaign! In order to have a greater impact as a small country, the Netherlands is keen to share knowledge and expertise with international partners and learn from others. In close collaboration with the Closer Cities research project, the Netherlands calls all civil servants, city planners, mayors, tech start-ups, scale-ups, researchers, changemakers, citizen inventors and other urban actors to join the Solving Urban Challenges Together campaign.

If you have an inspiring project that makes cities a better place, share your idea with the Closer Cities platform. Submit a local city project you are about to implement, are currently working on or have finished already. A project that others can learn from. A project that might inspire other urban professionals. A project that is worth sharing! The project can be on any urban topic; on a social challenge, a technological innovation, an effective policy, or a specific approach you expect others could also apply. You decide. As long as it relates to an urban challenge. It can be at an early stage, or a more mature project.

There is no Dutch involvement needed to participate. You can just become part of a community and benefit from the learnings on boosters and barriers of urban knowledge transfer.

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