Spring 2024 PhD Colloquia Series

Photo of Emanuel Schuller

Welcome to our Spring PhD Colloquia Series, where we present the innovative research of our PhD students in the field of urban development. Each session explores a wide variety of topics, providing deeper insights into their academic research. 

Emanuel Schuller

Join us in welcoming Emanuel Schuller to the Spring PhD Colloquia Series. His PhD research, "Conflicts over Inclusive Labor Markets in the Knowledge Economy", investigates how various conditions lead to inclusive labor market reforms. His study focuses on the interplay between technological advancements, globalization, and labor market policies in different industrialized nations.

More about his research

Emanuel's presentation looked into the complex dynamics of labor market policies amid the challenges of globalization and the rapid spread of information and communication technology. Through his research, Emanuel seeks to understand the varying outcomes of labor market reforms in countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States.

The main focuses of the research are:

  • Examining policy efficacy: Investigating how different countries successfully implement labor market reforms to enhance labor protections and welfare systems despite global economic challenges.
  • Analyzing institutional change: Understanding the role of policy in shaping inclusive and adaptable labor markets, especially in contexts where union power and collective bargaining are in decline.
  • Comparative insights: Drawing comparisons to identify effective policy frameworks that promote equity and resilience in labor markets across various national settings.

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