Student Spotlight: Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres, IHS student

Welcome to the Student Spotlight series! In these interviews, we will showcase the students representing each of the four Master tracks, part of the MSc in Urban Management and Development. We introduce you Andrea Torres from Mexico, who is a participant in the Strategic Urban Planning and Policies Master track. 

Andrea’s background

Prior to joining IHS, Andrea obtained her undergraduate degree in Urban Planning from the University of Guadalajara, followed by a Master's degree from ESARQ, Guadalajara, Mexico. With over five years of practical experience in urban planning projects for local municipalities and the state government, Andrea has developed a specialized expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Moreover, she has offered consultancy services as a freelancer, advising local governments on integrating new technologies in urban planning processes.

Change of perspective 

Andrea's perspective on urban planning has evolved throughout her time at IHS, embracing a broader global outlook. Interacting with her classmates from diverse cultural backgrounds has enriched her both personally and professionally, which has led to significant growth in her understanding of urban challenges and solutions.

"My perspective on urban planning has evolved and expanded into a much more global vision."

Teaching methods 

Andrea finds the teaching methods at IHS, especially within her track in Strategic Urban Planning and Policies, to be particularly engaging and beneficial. She has had the opportunity to delve into real-life urban planning cases, analyzing current city developments alongside the theoretical studies.  

"This practical approach has not only deepened my understanding of urban planning but also enhanced my ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios."

Student life outside IHS

Alongside the studies, Andrea also participates in different events outside IHS. "IHS staff invited us to apply to be part of the Young Leaders group for the Urban Future Program, a major event in Europe focused on how we can make cities more sustainable and generate new initiatives." Andrea was selected to join the group of Young Leaders who will participate in the event and some extra activities.

Future plans

When looking at the future, Andrea shared that her aim is to be involved in the creation of public policies to support both the government and the private sector.

"I believe that the IHS programme, especially the specialization, has provided me with the foundation needed for when that opportunity arises."

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