Studying abroad is a life-time investment in your academic development and career. As exciting as it may be, we know that funding your studies abroad is not the easiest of tasks. Here are some tips and ideas on funding sources:

  1. Private or family savings
  2. Student loan
  3. Bank loan
  4. Employer staff development budget
  5. Scholarship

If you are looking for a fellowship to sponsor your study at IHS then you must take a number of steps. IHS can try to assist you for this purpose, but in most cases it is the student’s responsibility.

Keep in mind that procedures to get a fellowship take time. We advise you to approach donors and funding agencies at least 6 months in advance. If you have any questions on fellowship possibilities, please contact

More information and useful scholarship tips can be found in the brochure below:

    Applying for funding

    Many fellowship donors require proof of the candidate's admission to the course. For that purpose, IHS will issue an admission letter to qualified candidates whose application have reached IHS with all attached certified documents. Please go to the online application form to apply for the course of your choice.

    If you apply directly for external funding, you should contact the relevant office or representative of a funding agency or the diplomatic mission of your country providing financial assistance. In all cases, letters of endorsement from appropriate authorities and letters of acceptance from the university or training institution should support the application. In some countries, fellowships are allocated to governments, who then nominate candidates. In this case, the standard procedure for an applicant is to request his/her employer or university to nominate him/her to the pertinent government office in his/her country. Only then one can be finally nominated as a candidate to a fellowship donor.

    Useful websites

    These lists provides several websites that can be helpful in identifyingsuitable fellowships.


    China –
    Indonesia –
    Mexico –
    Taiwan –
    Vietnam –

    External funding

    Scholarships are available from various donors. There are several major funding bodies that you can consider to fund your master’s or PhD. Have a look at this list: