Communication for Development: ICT for empowering women in Chennai resettlement areas

Interventions in urban resettlement to improve livelihood for poor women
Empowering women in Chennai, India through ICT
Women in India

IHS staff Dr Maartje van Eerd and Dr Alonso Ayala are part of the winning team for an upcoming research project in Chennai, called ”Communication for Development: Interventions in urban resettlement to improve livelihood outcomes for poor women”. This project was developed by IHS alumni from partner Anna University in Chennai.

This project comes in continuation of a participatory film project that IHS currently runs with women from resettlement sites in Chennai, India. The new project will be expanded and aims to develop and implement an ICT device that will:

  •  Raise affected women’s awareness of their rights
  •  Help women connect with their community and provide them access to support groups
  • Give women information about government services and programs in and around the new resettlement site
  • Support women in creating business opportunities and reaching clients

In addition to building the ICT device through action research, the team will develop a training course on resettlement, gender and communication.

This two-year project is funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India and initiated by our Indian partners, Dr Sunitha DonBosco and Dr C. Velayutham, IHS alumni and assistant professors from Anna University, Chennai. Four PhD candidates will also be a part of the project - two students from Anna University and IHS’s Satya Patchineelam and Mukta Naik.

More information

If you want to learn more about our international project work, please visit our Research, Advisory & Training page. 

Photo credit: ElCarito; Prashanth Pinha

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