Rotterdam: the best city to study urban development in!

The Netherlands is an ideal country for studying Urban Management, as it is filled with real-life examples and good case practices from this field at every step. 

Rotterdam raises the bar due to its highly progressive and daring architectural and planning views. It's a city of pioneering solutions and successful experiments, an incubator of great ideas. Long story short: what better place for IHS than this thriving urban space,that will inspire students to absorb every bit of information and inspiration available?

If you have already decided that this is the place for you, we're eager to see you here, as a participant in the Master programme for Urban Management and Development! Many exciting things are awaiting, among which dozens of insightful lectures, field work exercises, workshops and real-life simulations. 

All you need to do is apply! 

Once you receive your acceptance letter or if you are already among the lucky ones who have, you're qualified to apply for a scholarship. Which one? There's a whole list to choose from, but if you need some quick ideas with fast approaching deadlines, have a look at these two below:

  • The Holland Scholarship Programme

This is the new national scholarship programme for students outside the EEA, who want to pursue their Master's degree in Holland. It amounts to € 5,000 and it's awarded in form of a tuition fee waiver. For more information about this scholarship click here.

  • The Orange Tulip Scholarship

This is a collection of scholarships administered by Nuffic and offered to excellent students from Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Vietnam, South Africaand Russia. The scholarships amount to a tuition fee waiver of €4,170. For more information about this scholarship click  here.

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Photo credit: Rotterdam Partners 

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