E-books on urban development

The E-books are integrated into our institute's main library collection, which consists of a unique collection of digital and print materials covering housing and urban development in emerging economies. An online version of the IHS main library collection database can be found at Cat database.

This section is divided into fourteen thematic categories, and when logged on the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) network, staff and participants will be able access the content simply by clicking on the links to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of each of the more than 180 E-books listed in this section.

  1. City Monographs
  2. Climate Change
  3. Community Participation and Co-production
  4. Gender and Inequality
  5. Housing, Informal Settlements and Resettlement
  6. Smart Cities
  7. Sustainable Cities
  8. Urbanization, Cities and Mega-Cities
  9. Urban Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  10. Urban Informality
  11. Urban Infrastructure (Water and Waste)
  12. Urban Land
  13. Urban Planning
  14. Urban Policy, SDG 11, and the New Urban Agenda (NUA)
  15. Urban Food Security

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