Journals on urban development

Below is a list of some of the main urban journals which publish articles on cities and urban development in the Global South. Most of these are among the 50 journals that are covered in the in the IHS library’s Articles database that consists of nearly 80,000 articles. In recent years a link to the Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) is provided, and when connected to the EUR network, go directly to the article in question.

  1. Cities
  2. Environment and Planning - Part C: Politics and Space
  3. Environment and Urbanization
  4. Habitat International
  5. Housing Studies
  6. International Development Planning Review
  7. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
  8. Local Environment
  9. Sustainability
  10. Smart Cities
  11. Urban Studies

Aims and scope
The primary aims of the journal are to analyze and assess past and present urban development and management as a reflection of effective, ineffective and non-existent planning policies; and the promotion of the implementation of appropriate urban policies in both the developed and the developing world. Topics covered include urban adaptation to climate change; gentrification and housing; homelessness and welfare services; urban management; public-private sector cooperation; development and planning problems; urban regeneration; neighbourhood conservation and urban design; immigration and international labour migration; urban politics; urban theory; urban governance; smart cities and regions; infrastructure; livability and quality of life; greening; and the complexities of creating sustainable cities.


Aims and scope
The current aims and scope of this journal are formulated as follows: an international journal of critical, heterodox, and interdisciplinary research into the relations between the political and the spatial. It advances debates on the spatialization of politics and the politicization of spatial relations. The journal welcomes original contributions that integrate empirical and theoretical analyses to engage, advance, challenge, and reframe debates about the political. The journal values a wide range of critical and radical perspectives and encourages new theorizations, novel methodologies, and decentring ontologies. This is a global journal that supports and welcomes scholarship produced from and about all regions of the world. It encourages scholarship that engages marginalized and oppressed standpoints and critically
engages hegemonic forms of power. The journal aims to push the boundaries and potential of research on the political and the spatial by exploring questions including: What is the status of the political in such research? How does thinking about politics spatially help us understand pressing contemporary concerns in the world? And how can or should researchers act politically through their scholarship?
Note: This seems to represent a shift from the original aims of the journal, and the result is the perception that there has been a reduction in the number of articles relevant to what is happening in the Global South.


photo by Ji Ying on Unsplash

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