4-year H2020 SCORE project officially kicks off this July

The Smart Control of the Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities (acronym: SCORE) project aims to design, develop, monitor and validate robust adaptation measures in coastal and low-lying areas to enhance their overall long-term resilience against increasing climate and sea level risks, including coastal flooding and erosion.

The SCORE interdisciplinary team consists of 28 world-leading organisations, including IHS, from academia, local authorities, RPOs, and SMEs encompassing a wide range of skills including environmental science and policy, climate modelling, citizen and social science, data management, coastal management and engineering, security and technological aspects of smart sensing research.

The project unites citizens, scientists, decision-makers and other stakeholders to work together to address specific challenges related to the threats in coastal cities. The SCORE project has been funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Elena Marie Enseñado and Laura Quadros Aniche, specialists in Nature-based Climate Change Adaptation Planning, are the main researchers from IHS.

The kick-off meeting

The 4-year H2020 SCORE project officially starts July 1. The project will be kicked off by a two-day meeting (July 15-16) that will be participated in by the 28 partners. 

IHS leads Work Package 2 which is coastal city living lab (CCLL) design, implementation, and evaluation. The CCLL framework and methodology – which is based on a co-creation approach – will focus on combining ecosystem-based adaptation or nature-based solutions with smart technologies.

The objectives of the kick-off meeting include providing an overview of the project and its organizational structure; discussing the 11 different work packages that will serve as guide for all the tasks, activities, milestones, and deliverables in the next four years; and getting to know the project partners, including all 10 CCLLs to rapidly, equitably and sustainably enhance coastal city climate resilience in line with The Paris Agreement.

Kick-off meeting programme

Day 1 | 15 July 2021

The first day of the meeting starts with the introduction to the SCORE project. All partners will have the chance to get to know each other better and discuss the organizational structure, policy background and management of the project. These sessions will be moderated by partners from IT Sligo and the European Commission European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

After a quick coffee break the afternoon continues with discussions on Work Packages 1 - 11. These sessions will cover topics such as coordination and management, communication strategies, regional and local projections and uncertainties and mapping the baseline exposure and risk of extreme climate impacts on coastal cities. The presentation of Work Package 2: CCLL design, implementation and evaluation will be held by Elena Marie Enseñado from IHS and Marta Iturriza from NAIDER.

Day 2 | 16 July 2021

The second day of the kick-off meeting is mostly focusing on establishing the deliverables and milestones for the first year of the project. The CCLL leaders will have the chance to give an overview to the consortium and to plan future workshop on the synergies between these labs.

The afternoon session is divided into three interactive workshops on different work packages coordinated by IHS, UNIPI and ENT. The day closes with setting up the next consortium meeting and delivering the closing remarks of the first kick-off meeting of the SCORE project.

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