Urban Development and Governance

PhD programme
Graduation ceremony of the IHS PhD candidate Hung Viet Ngo

More people live and work in cities than ever before. We need to understand and analyse the newly arising challenges and issues to improve the quality of life in cities all around the globe. Focusing on urban governance and development, the IHS PhD programme addresses the social, economic and physical challenges cities face in today’s rapidly changing world.

The PhD programme consists of three different pillars (thematic areas), providing a wide variety of possibilities to conduct PhD research.

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Urban Economics and Governance

This cluster focuses on how cities and urban areas develop economically and how governance processes shape urban development.

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Urban Sustainability and Resilience

This thematic area focuses on how urban areas worldwide can transition towards more sustainable and resilient development pathways within the context of environmental challenges and climate change dynamics.

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Urban Socio-Spatial Development

This cluster focuses on the making of cities and the interactions with and transitions within cities while addressing topics such as the urban spaces, the right to the city, with a focus on the right to land and housing.

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