Urban Governance and Development
PhD programme

Why get a PhD in Urban Development and Governance?

As part of the high-ranking Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Institute for Housing and Urban Management and Development Studies (IHS) offers considerable resources and well-established international research infrastructure. Together with IHS' partner universities and its over 9000 alumni from more than 140 nations, the institute has built a strong international network of urban professionals. In addition, IHS has strategic alliances, partnerships and framework agreements with international organisations such as the World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and the European Union. PhD candidates greatly benefit from these international collaborative efforts. In a small class environment, they are supported by a supervisory team of high profile international supervisors with many years of experience in the urban development and governance industry.

Part of Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (EGSH)

The PhD programme is part of the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (EGSH). In this capacity, IHS is able to facilitate candidates to advance their ground-breaking research by offering access to courses and workshops, and conferences organised by EGSH. All of this is geared towards enhancing the participants' research and networking skills. Through these events, programme participants interact with other PhD candidates from different Erasmus University departments and stimulate participants to look beyond their own projects and actively engage with different perspectives. Candidates also have access to the vast resources of the university library system & campus facilities. Finally, IHS PhD candidates are awarded a doctoral degree in the field of Social Sciences and the Humanities from the high-ranking Erasmus University (#72 globally).  

Tailored PhD programme

IHS takes into consideration the needs and requirements of candidates in the design of the programme. It takes on average four years to complete the PhD programme. However, candidates are only required to stay in the Netherlands for three months per year. In this way, participants can enjoy a tailored and flexible trajectory. 

Variety of research possibilities

The programme is divided into seven fields of research which offers a variety of research possibilities. 

PhD round tables 

PhD candidates at IHS form a strong cooperative community. Regularly, candidates organise lectures where they present and discuss their research. These events from excellent opportunities to learn from different academic perspectives and backgrounds.

More perks

In addition, IHS PhD candidates have the possibility to supervise Master students and give guest lectures; join a truly international environment; receive support for visa procedures and organisation of practical matters.

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