PhD supervisors

The PhD supervisors at our institute are dedicated to guiding doctoral students through their research journey in urban development and governance. Each supervisor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in various fields, providing a comprehensive and supportive environment for our PhD candidates.

Dr Alberto Gianoli | Head of Urban Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience Department

Dr Alberto Gianoli is an economist and management specialist with expertise in environmental economics and finance, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and green transitions and impact studies. He has completed a wide range of research and consultancy assignments and has held various positions around the wold.

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Dr Alexander Los | Senior Specialist in Urban Environment and Climate Change

Dr Alexander Los is a climatologist and expert in urban air pollution and heat extremes. His research focuses on sustainable urban transition processes to mitigate climate change, including reducing air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions and energy transition.

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Photo of Dr Dr Lasse Gerrits
Maarten Zeehandelaar

Prof. Dr Dr Lasse Gerrits | IHS Academic Director

Dr Dr Lasse Gerrits has extensive experience in Public Administration and Urban Planning. He completed his studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam and has held various academic positions, focusing on governance, urban planning, and infrastructure development. At IHS, he is the Academic Director, overseeing the PhD programme and student supervision.

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Dr Paula Nagler | Head of Urban Economics and Governance Department

Dr Paula Nagler is an economic researcher with 15 years of experience. Her expertise lies in public policy analysis, impact evaluation, entrepreneurship and labour markets, inequality and inclusive innovation. She has worked extensively with household surveys and administrative databases.

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Dr Sofia Pagliarin | Researcher in Urban Transitions and Digitisation

Dr Sofia Pagliarin holds a PhD in urban studies and spatial planning and development from Bicocca University of Milan and KU Leuven. Her expertise includes land-use patterns, multi-level governance, and the implementation of large-scale urban development projects.

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Foto van Harry Geerlings

Prof. Dr Harry Geerlings | Professor in the Governance of Sustainable Mobility

Prof. Dr Harry Geerlings specializes in sustainable transport and its interaction with the environment and spatial planning. His teaching covers various topics, including energy consumption at container terminals and port governance.

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Prof.Dr Jurian Edelenbos | Professor of Interactive Urban Governance

Prof. Dr Jurian Edelenbos completed his PhD at Delft University of Technology and has developed expertise in governance, citizen participation, and network management. His research interests revolve around urban management, integrated water management, and sustainable energy.

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Martin de Jong

Prof. Dr Martin de Jong | Scientific Director of the Erasmus Initiative 'Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity'

Prof. Dr Martin de Jong is the Scientific Director of the Erasmus Initiative 'Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity' and a professor at the Erasmus School of Law and Rotterdam School of Management. His research focuses on public policy, urban studies, and sustainable urban development. 

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