Urban Governance and Development
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PhD programme Urban Development and Governance

Study Programme

IHS provides an environment that stimulates inspiring ideas on the crossroads of theory and practice in urban development and governance. Urban professionals grow as individuals and as academics and the knowledge and the ideas they develop at IHS will contribute to them making a positive impact on the world.

The IHS PhD programme provides a refreshing academic-to-practice environment in which talented individuals can develop their ideas and broaden their experience to become the leading professionals in research, education and practice of urban development. IHS guarantees a productive working environment and offers a flexible programme with a variety of modalities and research possibilities. This PhD programme brings together professionals from all over the world, supporting their research in a variety of topics. Below, you can see an overview of our six main research clusters: 


Students in the PhD programme receive an à la carte menu of courses, tailored to the various stages of the PhD track: Introduction courses for beginning PhD students; methodology courses and philosophy of science; In-depth theory courses for advanced PhD students; and final stages courses. Students engage with colleagues in a small-class environment on challenging research problems of interest to both academia and practice. Studying the PhD at IHS gives students the opportunity to directly contribute to research and education and receive a combination of academic guidance, as well as reflection from years of practical experience in the fields below. 


ModalityDescriptionDegreeTuition feeBenefits
1. IHS PhD candidate

Entire research (3-4 years) at IHS/EUR with a mandatory stay on site of only 3 months per year.

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)12,500 per year
  • Variety of research possibilities (6 clusters)
  • Supervisory team (for Modalities 1, 2 & 3; Modality 4 has a dedicated supervisor only)
  • Access to the vast resources of the university library system & campus facilities
  • A dedicated quiet working space (visiting scholars follow a flex desk policy)
  • Access to tailored courses included in the fee (for Modalities 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Possibility to supervise (for Modalities 1, 2 & 3) and guest lecture
  • A PhD degree in the field of Social Sciences and the Humanities from a top 100 university (for Modalities 1, 2 & 3)
  • A truly international environment & an opportunity to expand your network 
  • Support in visa procedures and practical assistance
2. Joint PhD candidateResearch at IHS/EUR + another university. Defense at IHS/EUR.Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)12,500 per year
3. Double Degree PhD candidateResearch at IHS/EUR + another university. Defense can take place at both universities.Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) + Other University 12,500 per year
4. Sandwich PhD candidateResearch at another university + 1 year (or less) at IHS. Defense at the home university.Other University 12,500 per year
5. Visiting scholar Postdoc researchers visiting for a short period, who has as the primary purpose of visiting the Erasmus campus is to conduct individual research.N/A

Administration fee

6 months: € 1,500

Up to 3 months: € 900