After graduation

Strategic Urban Planning & Policies

Skills after graduation

IHS graduates are well-trained in strategic planning, policy development, governance, communication, negotiation, research, and spatial analysis.

After this programme, you will have a broader knowledge of urban issues, policies, and trends from local and international perspectives in various geographical and social contexts. You will be able to apply the learnt methodologies and techniques in your work, effectively planning and managing tasks. Having studied in the international IHS environment, you will be able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

More specifically, IHS graduates gain the skills to:

  • Identify contemporary urban issues and trends in developing, developed and transition countries.
  • Monitor and evaluate urban management policies in terms of actors, performance, and context.
  • Manage stakeholders, negotiate effectively, and execute complex decision-making.
  • Design strategies and actions based on problem analysis.
  • Conduct academic, applied, and commissioned research across a spectrum of urban topics.
  • Work in international teams across different sectors and disciplines.
  • Demonstrate presentation, communication, and negotiation skills.

Career prospective

As urban areas expand at an alarming rate, so is the demand for urban professionals who can come up with solutions and innovations that will make a difference in a city. Once you have completed the programme, you will be able to work in various sectors ranging from city/town planner to urban project manager or urban development specialist.

IHS has a strong reputation with donor agencies and training centres worldwide. Our lecturers work worldwide and have outstanding international experience, which creates the possibility to initiate links to programmes and projects in the countries and cities of the participants.

IHS Alumni survey

In a recent global alumni survey by IHS, we delved into the exciting career trajectories of 434 graduates in urban management & development.

Employment Status

There is no typical IHS graduate when looking into the dynamic landscape of our alumni. Nearly 75% of them have been working in full-time roles, 8% have ventured into entrepreneurship with vibrant start-ups, and 3% are advancing through academia on their journey toward a PhD or post-doctorate adventure.

Employment Sector

Looking at the sectors, our alumni have chosen unique paths: nearly half are driving impactful change in the public sector, contributing to the dynamics of central governments or municipalities. Another 15-20% have ventured into the vibrant landscapes of the private sector or found their academic niche in the role of assistant professors or conducting PhDs. Not to be overlooked, an inspiring 5% are making waves at NGOs or other international organizations.

Employment Field

In shaping the future of cities, IHS graduates play a vital role, with 36% finding their passion in urban planning, reflecting the programme's emphasis on shaping cities for the future. Nearly 20% have ventured into environment and sustainability, while others contribute to social equality, economic growth, and urban mobility. An important 2% are exploring new fields of technology and innovation. This diverse range of urban fields highlights our alumni's impact in making cities work.

Here are a few examples of positions taken up by our graduates:

  • Advisor-Public Transport Planning at GIZ Albania

  • Senior Program Analyst at ThinkWell

  • Urban Strategy Specialist at Urban Innovation

  • Environmental Planner at Ruth Villalobos & Associates, Inc.

  • Architect and Urban Planner at IPHAN

Other companies our graduates work with:

  • UN-Habitat
  • Asian Development Bank
  • GIZ

Curious about the areas of expertise of our alumni?

Check out these alumni webinars!

Finding a job after your studies

How do graduates experience the current job market? IHS Alumna Aditi Solanki shared her experience.

Join a powerful alumni network

For 65 years, IHS has developed an extensive international network of former students. IHS Alumni are urban professionals with key positions in projects, programmes and organisations in the public, private and academic sectors. Together, they form a unique global network of over 10,000 urban professionals in 143 countries. Once you graduate, you will be part of this diverse and extensive network led by the IHS Alumni Board. As an IHS student, you will also have the chance to meet and learn from alumni with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Meet the IHS graduates

IHS Student Testimonial: Makensie, United States

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