Strategic Urban Planning & Policies
Managing Socio-Spatial Dynamics for Sustainable Cities

Meet the Strategic Urban Planning & Policy lecturers

Dr. Alex Jachnow

Dr. Jachnow is an urban development specialist with 19 years of experience in research & consultancy. Prior to joining IHS, he worked in Urban Governance Programmes of GIZ, KfW, World Bank and ADB. His expertise lies in empowering institutions to improve urban management and policy frameworks.

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Saskia Ruijsink

Saskia is an urban planning and development expert. Additional areas of expertise include urban socio-spatial dynamics, participation & sustainability, multi-stakeholder processes, self-governance, informality, (urban) living labs and place-making and (urban) social innovation. 

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Els Keunen

Els Keunen is an architect with nearly 10 years of experience. Before joining IHS, she worked on improving infrastructure and housing conditions in Kampla and assisted 3 municipalities in Mozambique to develop their master and neighbourhood plans.

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Carolina Lunetta

Carolina has nearly 10 years of working experience in urban management and architecture projects in public and private sectors. Before joining IHS she worked as a consultant and a researcher in Cambodia, Brazil, Nepal, Kosovo, Somaliland and Uganda.

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  • Together with its partners IHS works at the forefront of urban development. IHS advises local and national governments on urban issues, trains public works officials, contributes to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) discussion and much more. IHS works with global leaders in the field of urban development, including UN-Habitat, Cities Alliance and ICLEI. IHS also partners with leading Dutch universities in the Netherlands and around the world to deliver a comprehensive understanding of urban development. This comprehensive network allows us to arrange for inspiring guest lectures both from academic colleagues as well as professionals working in key organisations. Guest lecturers for this specialisation track include: