Urban Governance and Development
PhD programme

Research Clusters

This PhD programme brings together professionals from all over the world, supporting their research in a variety of topics. Below, you can see an overview of our six main research clusters:

Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure

As cities expand and incomes increase, finding innovative solutions for sustainable mobility becomes increasingly important. This specialisation seeks to provide hands-on knowledge and expertise on how local governments can most efficiently manage, finance and operate municipal infrastructure. Read more here.

Urban Strategies and Planning

Cities are about people. Researchers within this specialisation seek to offer creative and innovative solutions so as to better understand the needs of different social and economic interests within planning management of the urban environment. Read more here.

Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change 

Cities all over the world experience severe environmental and climate change related problems. Our world is increasingly becoming urbanised and we are becoming more aware. This research theme addresses new approaches for urban environment and climate change management. Read more here.

Urban Land Governance

The concentration of economic activities in cities is inevitably translated into substantial increases in the value of their land. This line of research aims to collect and analyse how land value is mobilised across the world. The objective is to make a critical comparison and learn about the potentials and the limitations that determine their performance. Read more here.

Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice

Housing should be understood as ‘more than houses’. It represents what many strive for especially in times of economic and social uncertainty in some countries. Providing adequate housing for all is a necessity for all but it continues to be a challenge, especially in the Global South. Researchers within this strand of research strive to link housing issues with the livelihoods strategies of the urban poor. Read more here

Urban Competitiveness and Resilience

Cities cannot be understood as autonomous entities. This research theme investigates how globalisation processes, local economic development, and urban conditions can enable cities to successfully compete or collaborate with other cities on various scales. Read more here.