Guidelines for Publications

The instructions provided here aim to guide authors in the preparation of manuscripts. IHS publications cover the entire field of urban management and notably include the following topics: housing policy and finance; real estate and project management; neighbourhood development; human resources development; urban environmental development and pollution control; inner city renewal and heritage; urban poverty; urban management and planning; urban infrastructure management; municipal environmental policies and local agenda 21; and any other topic relevant to the above fields.

Manuscript preparation

The Research Committee will consider for evaluation and publication manuscripts written in good (British) English and will also accept articles published in Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese provided they are accompanied by a summary in English (300-500 words). The rule here is that – upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication – only minor language editing might be required.

All submissions must be submitted electronically in a .doc format, have a title page, have double line spacing and a margin of 3 cm all around. The title page must carry the full title of the article, and the names and affiliations of all authors. The name and full address (including e-mail and telephone number/s) of the corresponding author should be indicated. Where applicable, the name(s) of any sponsor(s) of the research described in the manuscript should be included, along with grant number(s). Key words and an abstract, i.e., a concise summary of the manuscript including aim(s), scope, and conclusion(s), of up to 200 words should be supplied on a separate sheet. Generally, the total length of the article should be around 6,000 words, although lengthier manuscript might be considered if the particular topic covered clearly warrants it. The text must contain no footnotes. For the numbering of pages, tables, diagrams, etc., Arabic numerals must be used. Each (numbered) illustration must be accompanied by a short description (legend).


IHS uses the Harvard system. In this system, the text body contains references to the names of authors and the year of publication and the full details are given in a separate List of References (at the end of the article) which is based on an index of the names of the cited authors in alphabetical order. References should be carefully checked for accuracy and cross checked against their “flags” in the text body. In case there are more than one reference to the same author(s), the year of publication should followed by an “a”, “b”, etc. There are clear conventions with regard to the annotation of the type of reference (e.g., articles, books, reports, proceedings, regulations, etc.). The IHS library can provide a guideline on citing using the Harvard system on request.

Submission of manuscripts

  • The submission of a manuscript for the working paper series implies that it has not been previously published in any official journal and that – if accepted – it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without written consent of the publisher.
  • The submission of a manuscript for the reprint series requires permission from the publisher – it is the authors’ responsibility to obtain written permission for the reproduction (in all media, including electronic ones) of material which has appeared in other publications (help with this procedure can be provided by the Research Committee).


Correspondence should be addressed to: IHS, Research Committee, Dr. Alberto Gianoli, P.O. Box 1935, 3000 BX Rotterdam, The Netherlands or e-mail:

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