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IHS_WP_028 Veizaj, Scholten_Improving collaborative planning in urban development of post-communist Albania (2017)
IHS WP 027 Fransen Innovation of SME'es in home accessories in Jogyakarta, Indonesia
IHS_WP_026 Ahmad Ayala Chirisa Geurts Magwaro Muchindu Ndlela Nkonge Sachs Urbanising Africa_the city centre revisite (2010)
IHS WP 025 Nasra Haque, Anika; Grafakos, Stelios, Huijsman, Marijk Assessment of adaptation measures against flooding in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh
IHS WP 024 Fernández, Ricardo Núñez_ Public rules about using and owning real estate in Cuba (2009)
IHS WP 023 Fernández, Ricardo Núñez_ Econometric analysis applied to urban property transactions in Havana between 1994 to 2007 (2009)
IHS WP 022 Bongwa,  Aloysius Informality in Ethiopia Taxing the Hard to Tax (2009)
IHS WP 021  Ayala Aleman, Alonzo_ Community organisations misiones and integration of Barrios of Caracas (2009)
IHS WP_020 Núñez, Land and building valuation in Cuba
IHS WP_019 Núñez, La Permuta:an effective instrument for housing transactions in Cuba
IHS WP_018 Eerd, Policy interventions and grassroots initiatives
IHS WP_017 Marrewijk, Brakman, Garita, Unlocking the value of cross border merges and acquisitions
IHS WP_016 van Dijk, Urban management an institutional change
IHS WP_015 van Dijk and Mingshun, Urban environmental and economic performance linked to sustainability
IHS WP_014 van Dijk, Development of a dynamic IT cluster in Nanjing
IHS WP_013 Nientied, Local Government and Economic Development in CEE, The Case of Bratislava
IHS WP_012 Pennink, Partnerships: a View Of Issues and Perspectives through The Brabantse Poort, Nijmegen
IHS WP_011 Producer Snel, Responsibility in Waste Management - The Dutch Model With Specific Reference to Packaging
IHS WP_010 Zaaijer, Local Economic Development & Urban Management, Experiences of Porto Alegre, Brazil
IHS WP_009 Denaldi, Viable Self-Management, the FUNACOM Housing Programme of the Sao Paulo Municipality
IHS WP_008 Steinberg, Development Support Communication for Urban Management in Developing Countries
IHS WP_007 Hoff and Steinberg, The Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Programme and Urban Management Innovations in Indonesia
IHS WP_006 Davidson and Peltenburg, Government NGO's and CBO's Working Together for Better Cities
IHS WP_005 Faerstein and de Oliveira, Illegal Subdivision in Rio de Janeiro, Dimensions, Characteristics and Government Responses
IHS WP_004 Vonk, Institutional Development, Theoretical Aspects in Urban Practice
IHS WP_003 Baken etal, Neighbourhood Consolidation and Economic Development of Informal Settlements
IHS WP_002 Baross, Action Planning
IHS WP_001 Marulanda and Steinberg, Land Management and Guided Land Development in Jakarta

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