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IHS PP_019 Urban economic restructuring and local institutional response
IHS PP_018 Innovative Urban Environmental Management in Ilo, Peru
IHS PP_017 Urban Agriculture in Community Gardens
IHS PP_016 Promotion of Employment. Health and the Environment, Lima
IHS PP_015 Institutional and Development Framework For Urban Environmental Management in India
IHS PP_014 Institutional and Development Framework For Urban Environmental Management in Bolivia
IHS PP_013 Environment and Health Improvement in Jajmau Area, Kanpur-Lessons and Experiences for Wider Replication
IHS PP_012 City Wide Best Practices in Solid Waste Management in Collection, Transportation and Disposal
IHS PP_011 Carrying Capacity Based Regional Planning
IHS PP_010 Community Based Sanitation and Environmental Improvement Programme, Experiences of Indore, Baroda, Ahmedabad
IHS PP_009 Sustainable Urban Development: A Case of New Bombay (Navi Mumbai)
IHS PP_008 Integrated Study of Wetland Conservation and Urban Growth, A Case of Calcutta's Wetland
IHS PP_007 An Approach To Pollution Prevention in the Electroplating Sector
IHS PP_006 Integrated Low Cost Sanitation, Indian Experience
IHS PP_005 NGO's, Civic Societies and Urban Advocacy
IHS PP_004 Power To The People, The Local Government Context
IHS PP_003 Defence and Conservation of the Natural Swamp Area Pantanos de Villa, Lima
IHS PP_002 Environmental Sanitation and Infrastructure, The Case of Marginal Urban Areas of the Southern Cone of Lima
IHS PP_001 Urban Economic Restructuring and Local Institutional Response, Balawayo, Zimbabwe

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